Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Dato’ Jaafar was appointed Managing Director of UDA Holdings Berhad on 26 Mei 2005. After completing his studies in Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom, Dato’ Jaafar, in February 1989, joined MBF Finance Berhad as an Executive in the Corporate, Mortgage and Loan Department until July 1990.

He was then transferred to TPPT Sdn Bhd, a company set up by Bank Negara as Project Coordinator in August 1990. He was appointed as Assistant General Manager of TPPT Sdn Bhd in May 1994 and was promoted to General Manager in July 1999.

He joined UDA Mall Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of UDA Holdings Berhad as General Manager in February 2004 before being promoted to Senior General Manager of the UDA Mall Division; a post he held before being appointed as Managing Director of UDA Holdings Berhad.

Korang translate la sendiri k..

baru blajar kat nottingham dah minta macam-macam

kp ni bljar kat jeff hopkins ok je

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