Thursday, January 23, 2014


Terjemahan dari Akhbar Sin Chew ;

Sin Chew evening edition today exclusively reported on front pg that PKR Supreme Council meeting decided to replace MB Selangor Khalid, new candidate very likely to be Azmin.

Whether Khalid wld retain his MB post would depend on the other 2 parties of PR. Sources said PKR leadership hope to replace Khalid either in 2 months time or in one to two year's time, ie. before the next GE.

It is understood that Anwar Ibrahim no longer backing Khalid, so is Wan Azizah.

If PR's leaders agree to change MB, Khalid might resign based on health reason, this is to avoid the Azmin faction in PKR to move no confidence vote against Khalid.

Sources said Anwar has showed his stance that he is not backing Khalid any more at d PKR Supreme Council on Wednesday evening. PKR leadership is not happy with Khalid's leadership, bcoz Khalid didn't inform or seek the party's views before implementing any new policy.

PKR is very unhappy on Khalid's method in handling 6 main issues:

Sgor water supply, Kalimah Allah, salary increase of Sgor ADUN, increase in commercial licence fee, termination of Azmin's PKNS directorship, and directive on the bird's nest industry.

PKR Supreme Council has empowered Anwar to deal with the matter, including seeking audience with Sgor Sultan and to meet with the leaders of another two parties of PR (PAS n DAP) to discuss on matters relating to candidate of MB.

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